Questions Frequently Asked About Divorce and Family Law

How much does a divorce cost in Michigan?

Divorce attorney fees range depending on each individual case as the intricacies in each case are different. Divorce attorneys in Michigan usually are retained by paying an upfront fee known as a retainer. On top of filing fees and court expenses you will pay an hourly fee to the divorce attorney based on the amount of time spent preparing and litigating your case.

I have heard Michigan is a "No Fault" state; what does this mean for my divorce?

Michigan is a "No Fault Divorce" state. What this means to litigants in a divorce is that neither party is required to have reason for the divorce. If one party requests a divorce it will be granted.

Although fault is not needed for a divorce to be granted it can help to prove fault when it comes time to award divisions in assets such as property, finances, child custody & support as well as spousal support, otherwise known as alimony.

Is it true that I am not required to pay spousal support/alimony in the State of Michigan?

This is untrue. Alimony, referred to as Spousal Support is given in Michigan to ensure that the lifestyle obtained while married is able to be kept by both parties in the marriage. Considerations that help determine alimony include: the ability of the party to pay, the length of time the party was married, standard of living during the marriage, ability to earn income, the ability to support one's self and emotional support.

Can a child in Michigan choose which parent they will live with?

The court will take into consideration the best interest of the child when choosing which parent is given physical custody. The child's preferences are taken into consideration but in no way a guarantee as to whom custody will be awarded.

Exactly how does joint physical custody work?

Joint physical custody is an arrangement where both parental parties have equal time with their children. The arrangement will be made in the best interest of the child and can work in several different manners. Alternating weeks and school year/holiday division are just two of the unique arrangements that can be made. Your attorney will represent your desired requests when negotiating physical custody arrangements.

If my spouse stops paying child support can I stop our children from visiting?

Child Support and parenting time/visitation rights are two different issues and therefore cannot be tied together. You will be held legally responsible for both not paying child support and for withholding visitation. Two wrongs will not make a right in situations involving visitation and support.

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