Every state is a little bit different when it comes to the first steps involved in filing for divorce. In some states it is required to be separated to start the proceedings, this is not the case when it comes to filing in Michigan. Longton DM represents Michigan fathers in divorce. We are experts when it comes to all aspect of Family Law in the state of Michigan.

The first step in divorce in Michigan happens when a Complaint for Divorce is submitted. This document provides a summary of the situation asks the court for a divorce and identifies other types of relief that are being requested such as; child custody and support, spousal support, etc. Once the Complaint of Divorce is filed, the person filing becomes the Plaintiff in the case. The Defendant, the non-filling party, is then served the complaint by the Plaintiff and this very specific process ensures that the Defendant knows that an action has been started.


At this point the Defendant has a length of time, determined by how they were served the Complaint of Divorce, to file an Answer. If the Defendant fails to answer the complaint the Plaintiff can put them in Default. This can lead to a Default Judgment of Divorce. Avoid this at all costs as this will negate any claim you might have over child custody, support and asset negotiations. If the Defendant files an answer, then the divorce proceedings take shape base mostly off of contested points of interest such as children.

A sixty day waiting period is mandatory in the State of Michigan whether a divorce is agreed upon or not. The waiting period has been put into place to give both parties time to reflect on the judgment and to consider if reconciling is possible. Divorce proceedings in the State of Michigan often take longer than this however is never done faster. If children are involved, the waiting period is extended to one hundred and eighty days. This can be waved on approval by the court.


The steps involved in the process of divorce vary from case to case. The discovery phase of the divorce process is a legal way to gather information for both parties. This is also the point at which mediation is entered into. Mediation is the process of meeting to discuss a suitable agreement for both parties. Often times divorce cases in Michigan can be settled during mediation without having to go to trial however not always. A divorce is only complete when a Judgment of Divorce is issued that outlines the division of assets, child custody & support agreements for all children involved, and how other concerns in the case are finalized. This is also where the final award of divorce is given as well.

While there is no such thing as an "easy" divorce, Longton DM will navigate you through the complexities as well as advocate on your behalf. It is easy to get lost in process that is why is is important to have an attorney that is accessible to you when you need them. That is just one of the many benefits that Scott Longton provides to his clients.

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