Fighting for Fathers Rights in Child Custody & Child Support Arrangements

Longton DM works to preserve the relationship between a father and his children. Child custody and parenting times are all factors we take very seriously when negotiating your rights during a divorce. We will aggressively seek fair and impartial judgments on child custody and support arrangements.

The issues of child custody and child support are automatically determined through the divorce process. Friend of the Court becomes the avenue that helps the court evaluate and determine the best solution for the children involved.

A Complaint for Divorce will begin the child custody & support case however a Complaint for Child Custody or a Complaint for Child Support can as well. There are two types of Child Custody in Michigan, legal and physical. Each of them can be awarded to one party or jointly.


In Michigan, parties are typically awarded joint legal custody and physical custody can go either way. Legal custody is the ability to make decisions that have an impact on the child's life such as where they attend school or what religion they practice. Physical custody is literally just that, where the child will spend their nights. Sole physical custody means that one parent spends the night at one parents home more than the other whereas joint physical custody means that the child is in both homes equally. These details will be determined case by case as some individual cases are more intricate in detail.

When it comes to child support a formula is used to include the mother and father's income as well as the number of nights the child is with them. The formula may also take into account incidentals such as healthcare, educational and childcare expenses.

These issues may plague you long after the divorce proceedings. Child custody and support are points of contention long after a divorce has been finalized or when something changes in a given parent's situation. Longton DM will provide ongoing services to resolve your custody/support concerns throughout the divorce process and long after.

Representing Dad's in Monroe and Wayne County In Matters Of Child Custody and Support